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“I play a detective,
very close to myself Actually”
The Private Detective Agencies (Regulation) Bill, 2007, clause 2(i) (g) of the Bill defines "private detective work" as "collection of information in a lawful manner for such an objective by a licensed private detective agency". This is a permissive definition and is neither restrictive in nature nor prohibitory in intent and purposes. The Criminal Justice System in India is principally aimed at ensuring that no innocent person gets punished. All possible safeguards are available to the offender for his defence and the onus of proving guilt beyond all reasonable doubts lies on the prosecuting agency. However, the victim of the crime often does not have any control over the evidences being collected or ignored. This dilemma can be resolved by hiring a private investigator who can carry out an investigation parallel to the police procedures, and collecting evidences that are bonafide.
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Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Delhi and have a broad clientele globally. We focus on dealing with each case with the utmost professionalism and complete confidentiality for the client. Our aim is to help you can find facts to any doubts that are giving you sleepless nights or making you feel insecure about your future. Whether it is related to your personal life or profession, we do our best to bring to you the most accurate answer within a given frame of time. We are a member of Association of Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI), India; and World Association of Detectives (W.A.D) and follow the code of ethic based conduct that is enforced by these organization.

We can conduct a complete background check on any individual and verify their family and professional details. Discretion of our clients' details is of paramount importance to us. We ensure that nobody finds out the details of the individual or organization that has hired our services. We specialize in pre-post matrimonial, personal and corporate investigation services. Our thoroughly professional detectives are skilled in the art of conducting such investigation with their sharp observation skills and intelligence.

The evolution of our society has ensured the existence of a vast variety of motives for an individual's actions. This is why, confiding in someone has become a precarious proposition. This is especially applicable when you are entering into a marriage or business association. This is where a professional detective can help you by verifying the facts that have been presented to you, as well as, providing any relevant information that has not been disclosed to you.

We offer an assortment of private detective services to ease the suspicion and uncertainty that may arise before taking the important decision of laying your trust in someone. Our detective services are as follows:

• Personal Investigation In this service, we would focus the investigation on the personal life of the individual. This kind of an investigation would be ideal if you plan to have an arranged marriage, and want to ensure that you know everything about the prospective partner. We also deal with pre and post marriage investigation, in which the personal life of your spouse is investigated. We focus on factors like educational background, character traits, past and/or present love affairs, details of personal assets, etc. We are also willing to follow an individual for a nominal fees. The proof that we gather is permissible in the court of law, as we follow ethical practices while collecting this information.

• Corporate Investigation This service is beneficial for your organization while hiring new employees, adding stake holders, adding new partners in the business and also investigating suspicious behavior of existing employees, partners or stake holders.

• Forensic Investigation We conduct bonafide DNA test, Forensic Handwriting Identification and Fingerprint Lifting and Analysis. This often provides valuable information in building the case. Our deductive reasoning has always helped us to excel in forensic investigation, where you do not wish to involve the police, yet require the aid of forensic tools to assuage your suspicions. However, as part of our strict ethics code, we do not undertake these investigations for any malafide intentions.

• Cyber Crime Investigation Cyber-crime is on a rise and a lot of people are affected by it. With an increase in digital communication via emails and other digital modes, cyber-attack is now quite common and we safeguard you against the same within our best capabilities. Investigating a cyber-crime involves identifying the source of intrusion and recommending economical solutions to put a barrier against any future cyber-attacks. Our team is trained in anti-hacking modules and enables a prompt tracking of the cyber footprint that a perpetrator might leave while committing a misdemeanor.

Industry Experience
We have a vast experience of execution of investigation services. We have been able to solve 11,000+ investigation cases since our inception, 15 years ago. Moreover, have an ISO-9001 certification, and we strongly adhere to the guidelines dictated by it. We are available for our clients 24 x 7. Well-equipped with tools necessary for investigation, we have a strong team of professionals who are exceptional in terms of intelligence and street smartness.

While many other detective services charge a hefty amount for personal or corporate investigation, we have the most competitive rates with more importance given to the client confidentiality and completing the task within a set deadline. We know how many people have a desire to hire private detectives to end the cloud of uncertainty or mystery around a person, but are unable to do so. We are capable of providing the same quality of service even if you are not a citizen of India, or are an NRI/NRE, we have the adequate resources to serve you brilliantly and with maximum confidentiality.

To know more about us or to discuss your concern, please feel free to drop a mail at detectivesanjaysingh@gmail.com. We promise that you will be 100% satisfied with our investigation results at the end of the day, and will even refer us to your friends. Read More...