Corporate Investigation

Private detective agency provide corporate investigation services for enterprises and corporations looking for information on individuals, assets, records, data theft, copyright and trademark infringement, and financial fraud, among others.


Our solutions are available to all types of businesses, including localised traders, start-ups, domestic companies operating in a few cities and multinational businesses with operational presence around the world. We have a strong team of skilled and experienced in-house detectives who are able to provide all necessary services in the country. For international cases, we handle them either in-house, if required, or collaborate with our strong network of professional detectives around the world to get to the truth.


Our corporate detective services include:

  • Pre- or post-employment checks: We check the background of employees including academic qualifications, past work experience, moral character, etc. that allow businesses to hire the best candidate
  • Fraud investigation: We handle corporate fraud cases either on an individual basis or in partnership with police and security forces.
  • Theft investigation: Include thorough examination of the theft, identification of suspects, questioning and detection of the primary culprits
  • Competitor investigation: Allows corporations to check any unethical practices by competitors including data theft, copyright or IP infringement, asset misuse, employee poaching, etc.
  • Trademark investigation: We investigate any infringement of our client’s trademark by other businesses. All details of such products from manufacturing to retail sale are recorded and presented to the customer for subsequent action
  • Intellectual property rights: Another area of expertise is our examination of intellectual property (IP) rights violation by third parties. We minutely scrutinise and record any breach of IP by any other player and help build up a case against the opponent
  • Financial fraud investigation: We probe theft or embezzlement of customer funds and help take action against the culprits. We also investigate against false insurance claims or other attempts to siphon funds illegally from enterprises
  • Skip tracing: We help companies and law enforcement officials find absconding fugitives and bring them to justice. We check with acquaintances, records and undertake observation to find such individuals
  • Due diligence: We conduct security audits and undertake due diligence to help organisations meet with prescribed guidelines for continuing their business
  • Labour cases: Industries require our help in finding the right information that would help them solve unwarranted labour disputes
  • Information on labour unions: We also help find information on labour unions who are putting pressure on industries through strikes, blockades, etc. and help resolve simmering disputes
  • Risk mitigation: We undertake audit checks to find potential risks facing businesses and help them with plans and procedures to negate such problems
  • Industrial espionage: We help industries find information on unethical practices employed by their competitors and take action to prevent them from gaining an unfair advantage
  • Debugging service: Tracing of listening devices and hidden cameras help our clientele to maintain their trade secrets and guard against fraud
  • Asset search: Enable corporations to recover lost or hidden assets and use them for furthering their growth
  • Undercover agent services: We provide skilled agents who can go undercover and recover essential facts that will protect firms from suffering undue losses
  • Personal bodyguards: We provide bodyguards for senior management and other important people
  • Personal armed bodyguards: We also provide armed security personnel to protect people from localised threats and also in risky locations

Our services are characterised by our high ethical standards and primarily aim to address or prevent a wrong. All information shared with us are given high confidentiality status and not shared or even discussed in passing with third parties. Unlike personal investigations which deal with only a few individuals, corporate sleuthing requires a different mindset as the comparatively larger numbers of people involved multiply manifold the complexity of even a straightforward case. Additionally, the legal ramifications of our results also mandate that all records of conversations, observations, anti-fraud actions, etc. are meticulously kept and shared with the customer. Our extensive expertise in successfully solving over 10,000 cases gives us an in-depth unmitigated understanding of how to handle such complex investigations, making us an ideal partner for corporations.