Our Expertise (Services)

We offer end-to-end investigative services for both individuals and corporations. Our detectives are experts in the art of enquiry, investigation and detection. They have, since our inception, solved over 10,000 cases across the country and around the world. We are associated with numerous international associations of investigators and have been recognised as the leading detective agency in the country.


Our solutions range from background checks on individuals, corporate counter-espionage and cyber crimes tracking to financial fraud checks, intellectual property rights investigations and forensic services such as DNA testing. We also offer personal security solutions as well as standard sleuthing services such as missing person searches. Our offerings can be loosely classified under personal, corporate and specialised heads, though these often overlap due to the nature of the inquiries. Our services include:


Personal Investigations

Cyber Crime Investigations

  • Tracing of abuse mails
  • Tracing of suspicious IP addresses

Corporate Investigations


Forensic Services


The cornerstone of our services is our assurance of 100% confidentiality and privacy for our customers. We understand that our clients see us as the final hope for a solution to their problems. We realise the enormity of their trust in us and assure them of total discretion during our enquiries. Before embarking on any venture, we understand the case thoroughly. We probe the brief and create the initial set of queries that need to be clarified so we may be able to take up the case and find the facts. Once we receive the details, we proceed with the task including setting up any observation or taking other such actions required to get to the truth quickly.


Our detectives are experts in the human psyche and are able to detect and solve cases on meagre facts. Nonetheless, we ensure that our clients get all the necessary information required to form an objective, non-judgemental opinion from the results attained. Our findings are always fact-based though we also consider people’s opinions, especially in background checks for marriages, to get a complete picture, including social standing, of the person under study. If required, we liaison with police and other security agencies to arrive at the solution quickly and effectively for our customer.