Property Fraud Investigations

We have extensive experience in finding information on properties and assets for individuals, businesses and legal firms. Our team of experts can research and find hidden facts that shed light on relevant details such as the property's actual owners and its value.

Data on properties are generally required for legal proceedings such as cases of divorce or separation, disputes of property or probation of wills. The details on the asset are received by the court and generally taken as material facts that will help in handing out the judgement of the case. Considering the importance of such information, it is essential that all facts are brought to light including any pending disputes on the property, any part sale or lease or rental agreement that is currently in place, details of current benefactors and their rights on the possession.


Finding details of various properties is a specialised job. It requires our experienced detectives who know what to look for and exactly where to look for the facts. In most cases, if the property is in the name of some other person, then the investigation would involve finding the true nature of such ownership, whether they are held in trust or through a chain of holding companies or firms. Pouring through this data and noting the relevant information and ignoring the irrelevant ones requires considerable skill and expertise. Our sleuths know what factors are important and can be used in court and what cannot be used to get any legal leverage.

In many instances, the property may not exist on paper as an asset or may reflect a very low value. This is a common trend in real estate where black money is regularly used to fund real estate transactions. The property is registered at a fraction of its actual cost and the rest of the money is not reflected anywhere in the account. Also, the rent from such property is generally received in cash or bearer cheques which further helps in estimating a low value on the asset. Courts take a strong view of such nefarious transactions which are purely meant to rob the government of its right to levy the proper tax. However, before the actual facts can be shown in court, they need to be proven.

Indian Detective Agency documents material witnesses, papers and receipts that can be used in court to show the actual value of the property. We interview people, research land deeds and registration documents, examine bank accounts, scrutinise high value purchases, collect documents and conversations, and do all such other activities that will let our clients prove the real value of the property in court.