Forensic Handwriting Analysis

We offer handwriting analysis services which can easily identify if the text written is by the actual person or by someone else trying to defraud our client. Our experts are able to determine if a certain document or a cheque has been forged with a wilful intent to deceive. Our results allow our customers to decide what action to choose, including whether to launch a full-fledged investigation to find more details or file a case and prosecute the guilty party in court.


Though generally confused with graphology, forensic handwriting analysis actually forms a part of questioned document examination (QED). The process involves other forensic sciences besides checking for forgery and authenticity such as checking chain possession, modifications, chemical analysis and any other aspect that may be required for successful completion of the case and the legal prosecution of the guilty. Handwriting analysis and the identification of forgeries is a practised art. The study requires an exemplary ability to notice the minute differences that reveal a fake. It takes rigorous practice to be able to reveal a fake as it involves checking multiple factors such as style, slant, alphabet analysis, paper type, etc.


There is a growing trend in cases of miscreants engaging in identity theft and forgery. The advances in technology have allowed forgers to pass off multiple counterfeit documents and cheques as genuine. Also the growth of the internet has allowed criminals to hack into an unsuspecting user's email or system and get necessary details that can be used to create false papers. Miscreants may get access to various credit cards, passport, Aadhar cards, PAN cards and other important documents by forging various papers necessary to steal someone's identity. Such crimes not only cause significant problems but also result in years of legal cases and it takes years for the person to get back his peace of mind. In such a scenario, it becomes very important that handwriting analysis is properly done to catch the perpetrators red-handed.


Other instances where handwriting analysis is essential are serious crime cases where our services are crucial in proving the guilt of a criminal or saving the innocent from being wrongly sentenced. We check the document, conduct various tests on the paper and compare the handwriting with various references. We combine our analysis with other forensic analysis and investigation outcomes to get to our result. In most cases, forgery is quickly detected and we conduct other tests and investigative detection to find the person behind the forgery. The results from our studies provide sufficient grounds to proceed further with an ongoing investigation.


Our professional detective solutions allow us to determine the authenticity of a document and any modifications including additions and deletions made to an original file. We are also able to pinpoint the perpetrator of the crime including the method they used to commit the felony. We record each detail of our analysis and provide our clients with detailed reports that can be used as evidence on how we got to the result. If required, we appear in court to provide our testimony and elaborate on how we reached our conclusion.