Divorce Case Investigations

We provide various detective services to help people seeking divorce find evidence and assets and document them for use in legal proceedings. Our services help our clients and their lawyers make a watertight case against their spouses and get the desired judgment from the court. We provide detective services for married people to check on their spouse for any infidelity or immorality. We provide services such as 24x7 services, pan-India and international tracking, financial transactions and spending scrutiny, background checks, investigation of other third party, and legal evidence collection and recording.


Our services include following the person by vehicle and finding their daily movements, names of people they meet, reason for meeting and expenses of any lunches or dinners in those meetings. If required, we follow the individual 24x7 by assigning more than one team to follow them over the course of their day. We record each detail on paper as well as audio and video. Besides our findings which are handed over in full to our client, we also create logbooks that provide time-wise details of events as they occurred.

We also provide pan-India and international tracking that lets our clients check what their spouses do when they move out of the city. We record all details of their travel including reason for travel, mode of travel across days, people met and locations of meetings, places they stayed, whether they stayed alone or with someone else, places visited whether for tourism or for business, any expenses incurred on items such as gifts, etc. Our team of detectives across India ensure that all details are recorded. For international travel, we either do it on our own or through our network of professional international detective agencies.

We trace all details of financial transactions by the spouse. We check all expenditures incurred, assets brought and sold, properties purchased and disposed off, rental agreements, monthly or any other periodic payments and receipt, stocks and derivative instruments and cash in banks. We do a detailed analysis including, if required, undertaking forensic accounting, to ensure that all financial information is brought to light. Our investigation helps unearth properties, moneys and other assets that may have been hidden by the spouse to prevent them being brought to the court's notice.

We also undertake background checks on the spouse that sheds more light on how they spend their day, how they earn their income, their employment status, their financial standing, and other important factors that would be required in the proceedings. We additionally investigate the background of any third parties who have been an integral part of the spouse's life and their decisions including lovers, family members, friends and acquaintances to help discover how these relationships would affect the case.


All information that comes out during the course of our investigation is properly recorded and documented. We ensure that the data collection has been done in a manner that would allow them to be admissible as court evidence during divorce case proceedings. Our entire monitoring and examination are done with discretion and no details of the client or the case are shared with any informer or other person involved in the data gathering process. Our team comprises of professionals with years of experience in helping our clients get the best possible deal in their cases.