Personal Armed Bodyguard Services

We provide highly trained security personnel who are experts in firearms and people protection. They are qualified to carry and use a variety of weapons necessary to deter criminals. Our armed bodyguards are also experts in skills such as close combat techniques using traditional weapons or bare hands.


The easy availability of illegal small firearms has lead to a rise in instances of miscreants using them to carry out their nefarious activities. This increase in their use has made important people such as senior management or owners of companies more vulnerable to crimes such as kidnapping. The only proactive way to protect and save such important people is the presence of personal armed bodyguards. The presence of trained security carrying weapons can deter even the most ruthless criminals and help in apprehending them. Additionally, the decreased chances of mishaps also help the senior management to concentrate more on their work rather than being concerned for their well-being.


We provide various levels of armed bodyguard services customised as per client requirements and needs of the situation. The category of protection is determined only after we carry out detailed threat analysis of the situation and identify all parameters that can have an impact on the provision of our service. The complexity of our analysis and subsequent carrying out of our services is magnified by the addition of family members or near and dear ones of the primary individual we need to protect. In situations that require family protection, we carry out our threat analysis for every member of the family. During this process, we understand the day-to-day activities of all people, including office assistants or household staff members. We track their movement pattern and schedule over the course of a normal day.


Once our observations are finished, we draft a plan that takes into consideration all warning factors including those in offices, homes, other frequented places such as gym or restaurants as well as possible threats during travel. We create a comprehensive plan that addresses the perceived risks of each family member individually and together. Once the plan is approved with or without modifications, we assign armed guards to each person. The number of personnel allotted depends on the threat level observed for that individual. We also provide cover for the individual's premises including city dwellings, farm houses or other places they own or stay in.


Our guards are adept in the latest protection technologies and their use to protect their wards. We use the latest radio communication equipment to keep track of all our people on the ground. We also use products such as GPS trackers in vehicles or planes to follow their movement and ensure the person being guarded is always secure. Our expertise and adaptability makes us the best partner for corporations as well as individuals to protect their most important people.