Information on Labour Unions

We provide information sourcing and delivery services to help companies and business with labour unions. Our services help such organisations find solutions acceptable to all parties involved and end labour disputes.


Labour unions in India have becoming politicised to a large extent. Though most of them continue to do good work for the betterment of the worker, there are others that have gone the other direction and become a burden for the business. These unions engage in unwarranted time consuming politics which result in friction between different factions of employees as well between employees and the company. The focus shifts from being a workers' union that should help resolve problems and better the plight of employees to being a centre of venal politics that does not address the main issues and only serves to inflame employee passions for the gain of few.


We provide various services to thwart such associations and bring an atmosphere of goodwill and profitability that helps everyone improve their lives. We enable enterprises to end labour disputes before they become big as well as end long running disputes that have done no good to anyone. We find facts and figures that would strengthen our clients' case before a tribunal or court and deliver justice to the aggrieved parties.


Our solutions for corporate clients include:

Labour union engagement: We talk with workers and the union to find reasons for any dispute, their demands and their conditions for acceptance of a given solution

Undercover work: Our detectives go undercover to capture data and gauge the sentiment of the employees; helps determine if a strategy for resolution will be successful or will be rejected

Shadowing and bugging: We track specific individuals including the people they meet, and their relevant discussions and plans; include bugging and recording conversations on phone or in premises all of which are done with legal authorisation

Activity Observation operations: In instances, when union leaders are duping the workers in the name of the union and causing a general nuisance, we mount Activity Observation operations to flush out such traitors and present their true nature to the public

Evidence collection: Most labour disputes end in front of a tribunal or in court; this requires us to collect information, relevant documents, photographs and audio / video recordings for future use by the lawyers of our clients

• Security personnel: We provide armed and non-armed bodyguards to protect the management or premises when the union uses or intends to use physical force to get their point across.

Our private investigators are expert in the art of collection of information. They can easily establish a peer-to-peer rapport with concerned workers and get them to confide in our team of their problems. They can also get labour unions to be more open to suggestions and consequent settlement due to their inherent understanding of human nature refined over the course of solving thousands of investigation cases.