Before-Marriage Investigation

We provide professional investigation services to check the background and other relevant details of individuals planning to get married and of their friends and family. Our solutions help people make better rational decisions as they get full knowledge of their partner's past.

Each of us gets to hear of dowry, harassment and divorce cases on a daily basis from the newspaper and other media. There is a rampant subjugation of basic human rights to live one's life with dignity. Women are regularly harassed behind the confines of their home by their husbands and their families. In many instances, heinous extreme measures are taken to crush the woman and her near and dear ones. Beyond the visible scars which may still be addressed remain the unseen mental trauma and social injustice that plague the girls' lives.


Nearly all of these cases of human brutality happen because the girl's family is not aware of the groom's past beyond the bare information that has been provided by him, his relatives and some acquaintances.

In certain instances, a man planning to get married may also be duped by the girl or her family. She may have a problematic past or certain character traits that would not gel with the groom and his family.

These problems occur primarily due to the lack of any information on the potential life partner and his / her family. The hectic pace of life has torn apart the social and family fabric of earlier years that arranged marriages and which provided all the background information required to find a suitable match. People are turning to websites and mobile apps to find suitable matches. Though, these online mediums have their positives, they cannot not verify whether the facts posted by a person on their profile is accurate or created to fool an interested party.

In all such instances, a professional detective agency like ours can make a positive difference. We can find all details of the individual in question including their past, character, education, beliefs, relations' background, social standing, financial status, medical records, friends and employment details.

Indian Detective Agency has a clear focus on discretion and ensures that the party under investigation is never aware of the background checks being undertaken. We check educational and medical records, and talk to the neighbours, colleagues and bankers. In case there are instances of any doubt, we retrace our steps and double-check all data or undertake a fresh investigation until those reservations are clarified. All our findings are shared with the client in full in addition to them getting a summarised version that addresses the primary question whether the person scrutinised has some problems or can be considered eligible for matrimony.


We have helped thousands of families make the crucial marriage decision with rationality and proper insight. Our experienced and discreet detectives are capable of getting the needed information within a few days. Also, we provide our services across all of India and most major countries in partnership with our network of international detective agencies. These factors make us an optimal choice for people seeking an experienced yet economical detective agency to carry out pre-marital research.