Missing Person Investigations

Our team of professional detectives are experts in tracing and locating missing persons. We have a pan-India presence that lets us quickly track and identify the missing individual and bring them back to their families.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, a child goes missing in India every 8 minutes. This equals to 180 children missing in a day and 65,700 in a normal year. This statistic is a shameful blot on our country. All development and growth stories pale in comparison to this human tragedy where we cannot take care of our children. Though the police and security agencies try their best to stamp out this menace, pertinent issues such as the jurisdiction of state police, their lack of manpower and the regular occurrence of crime, are among the many reasons that prevent them from weeding out the problem.


Our services are geared to help the police and the family trace these missing children and bring the culprits to justice. Our investigation services comprise of forensic services, monitoring, expenses monitoring and background checks. We have a presence across the country which lets us quickly deploy and track the suspects. We also actively cooperate with local police forces to stop these people from continuing their heinous crimes.

In addition to helping parents find their missing children, we help track adult individuals also. The tracing of such people may be at the behest of the family or their employer or the court or any other party concerned with finding the person for legal reasons. We retrace all steps leading to the person going missing. We also undertake other steps such as interviews with colleagues or family and relatives, checking expenses, scrutinising phone records, examining emails and messages and doing all such activities that let us get a good idea of the situation. Our detectives also use the data gathered to form an idea of what may have transpired and where the individual may have gone.

We also visit the potential places the person may have gone voluntarily or may have been taken to by their kidnappers. During our investigation, we keep the police and security agencies informed of our findings and cooperate with them to get an idea of their observations and deductions. We build on their ideas and undertake observation of potential places where the person may be hiding or may have been hidden by the perpetrators. We discreetly monitor any weapons or observation posts that may have been set up by the criminals to avoid getting caught and inform the security agencies of the same. Our services ensure that the missing person is quickly found.