Person Loyalty Check

We help check the loyalty of spouses or partners in a marriage or a relationship. We also offer business loyalty services to check if an employee or a partner is selling our client's confidential information to third parties without their knowledge or consent.

Relationships are fragile. We need to nurture them daily to lead a fulfilling life with our loved ones. If cases of doubt arise, then they need to be either proved wrong or right so that the cheated party can confront their partner with the evidence and mend or end the marriage or relationship. Continuous suspicion and the ensuring mental stress generally ruin marriages and relationships. Partners who choose to stay in a state of indecision rather than take a positive step due to the lack of any proof that their doubts are true find themselves going through acute mental trauma on a daily basis. We help such people get the evidence necessary to either confirm their suspicions or dismiss them as baseless paranoia.


We provide customised activity observation services that track the suspected individual and their daily activities. We record various information such as meetings details, persons met, and photo and audio / video records of conversations. If required, we shadow the person to out of town locations and record all details of their visit. We also use our team of international associates to get details of overseas visits. Our thorough services ensure that our clients get the essential proof required to confront their partners. If the customer wants, we also use active tests to determine if the partner is willing to stay loyal. All our activities are done in the most discreet manner possible. No third party witnesses interviewed or used to elicit information in their control are given any reason to suspect that this was an investigation.

We also provide loyalty checks for our corporate customers. Though, not as heart wrenching as individual instances, business cases nonetheless involve more money and potential risk. A disgruntled employee selling the company's secrets to competitors can ruin the organisation and bring it down. Those employees in charge of important positions in manufacturing or logistics or supply or another critical department can also misuse their power to harm the company by stealing goods or misreporting inventory items. All enterprises need to be very sure of the people they hire. A proper investigation is called for if at any point of time it is felt that an employee is misusing his trust. We use our entire range of services from taking documentation, forensic accounting, questioning material witnesses and deduction to find the truth and get hold of the guilty party.

All our records and findings are shared in full detail with our client. We also provide a summary of what transpired along with a time-wise logbook of events as they occurred. Our private detectives and technicians are experts in discovering people's loyalties and helping our client achieve closure of their suspicions.


All information that comes out during the course of our investigation is properly recorded and documented. We ensure that the data collection has been done in a manner that would allow them to be admissible as court evidence during divorce case proceedings. Our entire monitoring and examination are done with discretion and no details of the client or the case are shared with any informer or other person involved in the data gathering process. Our team comprises of professionals with years of experience in helping our clients get the best possible deal in their cases.