Murder and Criminal Investigation

We provide forensic services to solve murder and criminal investigations. Our solutions can be provided as a part of our overall investigation services package or on a standalone basis to find the necessary evidence for prosecuting the guilty party.


Besides the standard investigation procedures such as questioning and interviews and bugging and monitoring, forensic science also features on the list of high priority matters that need to be completed for the wrongdoers to be apprehended and punished. The detailed scientific analyses of crime scenes and related matters are some of the most important aspects of a criminal case. They are the most infallible foundation of a prosecutor's case and help to prove beyond doubt that the miscreants were responsible for the crime.


We provide comprehensive forensic services including:

  • Fingerprint analysis: We use the latest techniques and chemicals to pull latent, patent and plastic prints. Our team includes experts who can exhaustively scan a crime scene and find prints in places that have been overlooked
  • DNA tests: We undertake DNA tests to find the most important evidence in the case. Our study of soil samples in footprints, body hairs or bodily fluids or belongings in the house, among others, help us to respectively identify correctly the place from where the soil originated, the person to whom the body evidence belongs or the people who used the belongings
  • Anthropometry: Our team can use their expertise to properly record all physical measurements of the people connected to the crime. These facts help in determining primary questions such as whether the footprint belongs to a suspect, if the person has the physical strength to move by himself objects that have been put in a different place, whether the clothes found fit on a suspect and so on
  • Questioned document examination (QED): We have experts who can check all details of a document including the handwriting, signatures, type of paper, method of creating the text and places where the paper has been kept. Our examination helps identify forgeries which may be very crucial evidence in an investigation
  • Legal evidence recording: All our analysis and the results obtained are provided in documents that can be presented in court as evidence. We undertake our tests under the most stringent conditions so they may be easily admissible in court and not disallowed on any technicality
  • Polygraph tests: We also question the people associated with the case including suspects for the truthfulness of their statements. The test helps determine if the person is lying on any question

Heinous crimes need to be solved quickly so the criminals can be caught and prosecuted at the earliest. This need for a fast resolution assumes more importance when we realise that the chances of catching the suspects diminish with each passing day. As such, the sooner the results of a forensic analysis are available, the earlier the case can be formalised and wrapped up. Our extensive expertise in crime investigation has given us an in-depth understanding of the need for speedy results. Our services are geared to be very fast and reliable. We ensure that we are able to help our clients and the police authorities to catch the criminals very quickly.