Love Affair Investigations

We help married people and those in serious relationships find evidence on any love affairs by their partners with other people. We track and gather all evidence necessary to confront the guilty party and, if required, annul the marriage or end the relationship.


The hectic pace of life and the increasing use of the internet for day to day activities by people have resulted in a spurt in love affairs. Unlike before, when such occurrences were comparatively rarer, the rise of the web has given people the ability to meet strangers by chance in chat rooms or social media websites or forums and share common ideas and likings. Though meeting with like minded people and sharing ideas is a good thing, the complexity arises when emotions make people take a step further and establish relationships. For single individuals, the relationship can lead to life-long commitments but for married people, such connections can only cause problems in their married life.

Married people who feel their spouse is involved in a love affair should take immediate steps to find the truth. Living in a marriage where the correct facts have not come to light or where the suspicious spouse has not taken the recourse of checking the reality only leads to bitterness and acrimony. It is better to know for certain and end a debilitating relationship rather than continue it under emotional distress.

We provide various services for married people or those in a serious relationship to find if their partner is cheating on them. Some of these services include:

Activity Observation: We track and document the individual's movement over the course of a day for a period time. We record details of their meetings such as location or time, as well as make audio or video recording of their conversations. We use the latest equipment and software to get the facts.
Out of city tracking: The suspected person may meet their lover out of town in which case it becomes essential that we track his location, follow him by whatever means of transportation they use and take up observation in the cities or towns where the meetings take place.
Employment checks: We discreetly check with their colleagues of the individual's whereabouts; if the affair is being carried out with a colleague, we check the other person's details also.
Trace expenses: One of the more important ways to identify whether a relationship is mere friendship or something more is to check the type of gifts exchanged. We trace the person's expenses to find if there were any items purchased that could be used to pinpoint the type of relationship.
Help with legal evidence: We collect data on items that can be used as legal evidence if the case comes up for dispute. It may include eyewitnesses, expense records and recording of conversations and meetings, among others.


We have helped numerous people get out of unhappy situations and begin life afresh. Our discreet services ensure that all communication and detective work is carried with adequate secrecy and does not cause any social disgrace. Also, our pan-India and international reach make us an ideal candidate for helping you with your needs.