Financial Fraud Investigation

We investigate cases of financial fraud for individual as well as corporate and financial customers. Our services help our clients gather substantial proof on the offence and find the guilty party before they approach legal authorities for further action.


The increasing use of the internet and mobile technology in financial transactions has made people vulnerable to hacking and data theft. Criminals can use the illegally obtained information to enter a person's secure banking and related accounts and make financial transactions. Money can be instantly transferred to different accounts without any manual intervention. Miscreants can also misuse credit card or debit card information to make illegal purchases online as well as offline. Such activities are only discovered after the money has already been stolen.


Our best detectives help our clients track and locate the miscreants and catch them red-handed. We trace each money transfer and purchase and get an idea of where the money has been sent or where each item was purchased. Then we investigate accounts where such transfers were made or items were bought. We question bank officials which has the transferee account as well the employees in the place from where the items were obtained. We identify the suspects, mount observation on them and monitor all details including daily activities, phone calls and messages, people met, bank transactions, etc. We find all the evidence necessary to prove them as the perpetrators of the crime and share the details with our customers, who then take the details to the authorities for follow-up.


We also help investigate insurance fraud involving false claims for our insurance clients. We offer activity observation services to shadow the claimant and check if the claim was made with the intent to defraud our customer. We check with witnesses, interview them and record their statements. We also talk to third parties involved such as car workshops or building owners for general insurance cases of car or fire insurance. For medical claims, we interview doctors, nurses, attendants and billing desk personnel to find whether the claim was correct and devoid of any collusion.


We experts have extensive experience in find the truth behind financial fraud. Our detectives are based all across the country which lets us get results quickly and effectively. We also have tie-ups with international detective agencies that allow us to address demands of international fraud investigations.