Financial Investigation

Financial fraud has escalated to become one of the most prolific crimes in recent times. The growth of the internet and communication systems, the availability of online monetary management tools from banks and financial institutions and the use of user ids and password to carry out transactions have only aggravated the situation. Anyone with account login details can make monetary dealings on any account without having to be physically present, and defraud innocent people of their life savings and companies of their cash.


Detective Sanjay and his team provide the necessary services to help prevent and apprehend the criminals responsible for causing such loss. Indian Detective Agency has helped numerous institutions such as insurance companies and banks get back their funds or identify frivolous claims from fraudsters. We undertake extensive background checks for false claims including document checks, party claims verification, acquaintance follow-ups, etc. We employ various experts from financial and technical fields to study our findings and give our clientele a clear, accurate and proper picture of the matter at hand.


Among our primary clientele are insurance companies. Our investigation services for the industry include fraud detection and authentication of:

  • Insurance claims
  • Medical claims
  • Accident claims

Among our numerous financial services are background checks on potential partners and clients. It is quite common to find parties being duped by false pretences and outward show of wealth. To prevent such occurrences, we help enterprises closely scrutinise the potential partner or customer concern. We check various details such as company locations, employee strength, management background and balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statements. We also check third party references for their genuineness. Our findings help organisations go to meetings with full awareness of the real strength of the other party and take decisions based on actual facts.


Our financial investigative services include:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Scrutiny of financial stability of the party
  • Competitive / Business intelligence
  • Litigation support
  • Lien research
  • Corporate due diligence
  • Data security and protection consulting

Our high sense of ethics, protection of client confidentiality, and ability to unearth underhand and illegal dealings done to monetarily defraud our customers has helped us become the first choice in undertaking economic fraud investigations for businesses. We have been the ideal choice for numerous businesses for carrying out inquiries into monetary offences against them and recovering their losses.