Forensic Services

We are experts in forensic analysis and investigation. We use our expertise to solve various crimes involving fraud, pilferage, swindling, cheating, forgery, deceit, etc. Our expert detectives are able to obtain evidence from minute traces of data and turn them into reliable evidence for legal proceedings.


Our services are offered to celebrities, politicians, diplomats, senior management of large corporations, non-residents staying in the country, important tourists, etc. The services are provided for a longer time period as general protection as well as for a shorter time period when the individual has received threats and needs active defence measures. We also travel with the person and his family or entourage to various places across the country and abroad and provide close body cover.


Our forensic portfolio includes:

  • Fingerprint lifting and analysis: One of the key facts that place a suspect at the scene of the felony. We can lift clear and legally admissible fingerprints from nearly all objects that may have been touched by the person committing the transgression
  • Handwriting analysis: We have handwriting experts who can identify imitations and shed more light on the condition of an individual during a certain time or their overall personality. Handwriting, like fingerprints or faces is unique and no two people have the same handwriting. Our experts can help identify forgeries or counterfeit copies of the primary handwriting that help pinpoint the guilty party
  • Murder and criminal investigation: We can help provide various chemical, software analysis and forensic accounting services in major cases. Our experts can identify substances, soil samples, etc. that shed more light on happenings at the crime scene
  • Gathering evidence for court: We make records of all our examination processes and findings and share them with our clients, their lawyers or the court. Our extensive expertise allows us to understand the crucial aspect of objective evidence and findings, and we take all precautions to ensure that our results cannot be disbarred from legal proceedings on any ground of tampering or mishandling
  • DNA tests: Perhaps the most important revolution in forensic science has been the DNA test. Our team can match the DNA of an individual to check for various matters such as paternity / maternity or presence at crime scene. The near certainty of these tests makes them the most important evidence in legal cases and the results can by themselves seal a court decision
  • Polygraph tests (lie detection): We employ polygraph experts who can check if anindividual is telling the truth or providing misleading answers to questions. Lie detection through polygraph testing is an essential part of any investigation
  • Signature verification: Provide solutions to check whether signatures are forgeries or real. The cases that require these examinations are primarily of a financial or commercial nature. Con artists, swindlers and other hardened criminals may dupe honest people of large sums of money by forging the autograph of a person. Our services help track and apprehend such anti-social elements

Our team has extensive experience in identifying the wrong doers through scientific study of their presence and participation in crimes. Our services can run simultaneously with official investigations and help the police and courts to arrest, charge and sentence the suspect based on the material gathered, cross-examined and verified by us.