Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services

Indian Detective Agency provides services to help track and nab fraudsters and recover stolen money from them. Our services are provided across the country through our team of in-house detectives and also in most major countries through our network of international detective agencies.


Fraud occurs when someone makes promises to people without any intention of keeping those assurances. It may involve a product which is supposed to perform in a certain manner or a service that ought to have been provided in a specific way. It may relate to something as basic as retail purchase of consumables or something that is inherently more complex like guaranteed returns from an investment. Serious misrepresentations may involve a danger to the well being of individuals including their financial health. Cases of false promises to marry are also a specific type of fraud and every person who has been deceived in this manner can file complaints with the authorities just like other victims.


Most of our fraud investigations are of a financial nature where our client has been duped of their money by clear manipulation of the trust they placed in the person committing the crime. We help trace the money route if it was an electronic transaction or undertake the trusted method of questioning witnesses or acquaintances and taking up observation. On locating the suspected individual, we start monitoring their daily activities and the people they meet to find out more information such as criminal acquaintances. In certain instances, we also take up undercover activities that help lure the criminal to confess to their crime on recordings.


Our results are shared with our clients including all photographs and audio or video recordings that identify the guilty party. Thereafter, we help the client to inform the authorities and catch the culprit. We also help locate the funds and if placed in a bank help take out court orders to freeze them or if not placed in bank recover them through legal means. All our records can be admitted in court for legal proceedings. We take all necessary steps for data protection that help ensure the sanctity of the recordings and their admissibility as evidence.


Our private detective services are customised to our customer's requirements. We provide them with our necessary skill sets such as asset tracking and recovery, forensic accounting and legal evidence documentation that would help locate and bring the miscreants to justice. Our customers include individuals who have been cheated as well as businesses such as corporations, banks and insurance companies. Over the years, we have helped solve a number of cases and enabled clients to recover their funds and regain their financial standing.