Intellectual Property Rights

We help organisations protect their intellectual property rights and investigate any misuse of their proprietary data by any third party. Our services are provided to business houses, research and innovation centres, R&D firms and all such organisations that actively need protection to guard against intellectual property theft.


Intellectual property rights allow an entity that has invested in research to reap the benefits of its efforts. They allow organisations to be in charge of their designs, innovations and ideas and use them in the way they deem fit. The protection of such rights is a precursor for more research and development as enterprises are motivated by the success of their efforts to engage more in such work. This helps move the development cycle forward and produce better products and services for people to use.


The growth of the internet has also meant using it to send files. Sharing of files on the internet has resulted in more intellectual property theft than before as people can easily get hold of ideas and innovations thorough any such shared file. Also, the crime is not limited to local or national businesses as firms from all around the world can access the data online. Consequently, international law and cooperation becomes a much more important aspect of these types of investigations. It becomes essential that all such enquiries are done in accordance with the necessary rules and regulations of the place where the right was established and the area where they were transgressed. This allows for easier prosecution and restoration of the privileges of our customers.


There are various varieties of these rights and each one needs a specific type of investigation approach. This is primarily because most countries have recognised their unique characteristics and enacted separate legislations to cover each such of them. The most common types of such rights are:

Copyright: Relates to creative, intellectual, or artistic work and provides the original creator exclusive privileges over the work
Trademarks: Refers to company or brand logos that help identify a certain organisation or their products
Patents: Gives the holder the authority to keep from the public any trade secrets of a particular product or a process
Industrial design: Relates to protection of visual designs that will allow anyone viewing it to replicate its creation
Product appearance: Refers to the outer appearance of an item including its packaging
Trade secrets: Various types of secrets related to product, process, design or facts that give the true owner to derive economic advantage from it.

Our solutions help enterprises to discover the people responsible for the act and collect the necessary information that can be used in specific courts, including international courts, to legally proceed against them. We have an international network of detective agencies around the world that help us cater to clients in numerous countries. We also have our in-house team of detectives who are based in all major Indian cities. This manpower strength allows us to quickly and effectively help our clients to get their desired justice.