Personal Bodyguard Services

We provide experienced individuals as personal bodyguards for our customers. Our people are highly trained and adept in people protection and close combat techniques. They are well versed in handheld weapons and licensed to carry firearms for further security.


Our services are offered to celebrities, politicians, diplomats, senior management of large corporations, non-residents staying in the country, important tourists, etc. The services are provided for a longer time period as general protection as well as for a shorter time period when the individual has received threats and needs active defence measures. We also travel with the person and his family or entourage to various places across the country and abroad and provide close body cover.


Our offerings are categorised by the type of threat from which safeguard is warranted. E.g. if the bodyguards are required for celebrities such as film stars, sport stars, singers or musicians, then the protection needed is more from fans who would try to intrude the individual’s privacy rather than cause them any physical injury. In contrast, the security required for politicians, diplomats or CEOs will be different and will need active defence against bodily harm. Another type of categorisation is the importance level of the person being guarded. E.g. a senior management of a large company will need relatively lesser security than the CEO of the concern, or the company employees posted in troubled areas will want more cover than those working in the head office located in a large city. Our personnel are experts in individual protection services and trained to fully and capably handle the task assigned to them.


Our bodyguards are trained to be discreet, unobtrusive and stay in the background. They are only seen if the situation calls them to step forward and shield theirs charges from any danger. Our people are adept in hand combat and various weapons. We also ensure that they keep themselves updated and receive regular training to stay fighting fit. Additionally, our personnel are aware of the latest security management techniques and can adapt themselves immediately to respond with alacrity to situations that call for their expertise. We are the ideal choice for people requiring effective protection from threats for the short as well as long term.