Personal Investigation

We offer personal inquiry solutions for customers seeking to verify or find information on individuals for their own private reasons. The private detective services are available throughout India and most major countries in the world.


The details given in the brief handed to us by our clients, such as names or purpose of the examination, are kept confidential and not shared with any third party. Our detectives have a high sense of ethics and duty. Any facts gathered are further verified and cross-checked and only thereafter shared with the client. We sometimes provide our guidance and necessary consultation on the best approach, if specifically asked for by our customers.


Our personal investigation services portfolio includes:

  • Pre-marriage investigation: Checks made on the character of bride or groom and family background. We also investigate their daily activities, academics, friends circle and financial stability
  • Post-marriage investigations: Enables the spouse or family to check for any suspicious activity by the individual including cases of philandering, addition to gambling, etc.
  • Love affair investigation: Helps identify if the husband or wife is seeing someone else outside of marriage
  • Divorce case investigation: Allows a married person or their families to strengthen their case by checking for any activity by the other person which should not have occurred during marriage
  • Personnel investigation: Helps ascertain the true nature of an individual and whether what they appear to be is actually the truth or a carefully constructed facade
  • Activity Observation: Include shadowing movements and recording activities or conversations using audio, video or photography. We record all places visited or people met by the individual under scrutiny
  • Information on missing persons: Helps trace and find persons who have voluntarily or involuntarily gone missing. Especially important in cases where discretion is required
  • Information on property: Provides background and other information on property including owners name, previous owners, title deeds, registry documents, etc.
  • Loyalty checks: Allows people to check the loyalty of their family members or employees
  • Activity Observation operations: Helps uncover and bring to light objectionable activity. We use undercover agents who may act as devil’s advocates, if required, to ascertain where the loyalties lie of the individual being checked
  • Financial frauds: Enables people to trace any irregularity in their finances and accounts. We document all facts such as personal misrepresentation, signature forgery, password hacking, document theft, overuse of credit card, overdraft of bank accounts, etc.
  • Fraud investigation: Inquiries made into cases of fraud that adversely affected families. Cases where discretion is essential is our forte
  • Theft investigation: Include detecting any theft by staff employees or family members. Another example where discretion is essential especially if the amount is substantial and a loved family member is involved

Our personal offerings are especially essential for cases that need discretion and should be done away from the public eye. We have helped numerous clients get to the truth and get closure on any activity that may have emotionally or financially hurt them before we were engaged. We help people continue with their lives which may have been disrupted due to any such action.