Post-Marriage Investigation

We help people walk away from unhappy marriages.


More often than not, people who are unhappily married choose to do so because they have no way to prove the infidelity of their partner or cruelty and harassment by partner and in-laws. Indian Detective Agency helps them with finding and proving the information that will enable them to seek annulment of the unhappy union and let them lead a more happy and fruitful life.


We offer wide range of post-marital investigation services including, among others:

  • Love affairs investigation: We help track if the partner is carrying on an illicit relationship outside of marriage. We record all details including dates, rendezvous points, photographs, letters, etc. between the spouse and the other person. We also find details such as name, background, etc. of the other party and information of how the relationship started.
  • Checking relationships with co-workers: We make enquiries into relationships with colleagues and whether any such interaction has proceeded beyond the acceptable stage. We also check if the married individual has started indulging in any vices such as intemperate drinking, gambling, drug use or any other unsocial activity that has affected or is likely to affect a happy marital life
  • Tracking daily activities: Include 24x7 Activity Observation of the suspected person such as details of their meetings, interactions with people, social and official schedules, accounts and financial position
  • Illegal activities checks: In certain cases, the spouse may engage in illegal or immoral activities that is likely to result in financial losses and social shame for the loved ones; we help track and record such activities so they may be stopped through family intervention or otherwise, or help the suffering spouse annul the marriage
  • Enquiry of disrespect to family: Shameful conduct such as asking for dowry or financial support from spouse’s family is unfortunately still a part of Indian life. The wife’s loved ones may be harassed in innumerable ways to get dowry. We help such distressed individuals record evidence that may be produced in court and send the culprits to prison
  • Enquiry of harassment by family: In-laws may regularly say or do abusive and / or unjustified things meant to hurt the spouse of their child. In such cases, we enable the spouse to find support materials that will help them end the cruel sham of a marriage and get on with their lives
  • International tracking: We help find spouses who have gone abroad and left their families to fend for themselves. We secure all evidence essential to bring justice to the people left behind. We also enable India-based families track the NRI spouse’s activities that are causing mental or physical anguish to their child

Sanjay Singh and his team of experienced detectives understand the pain faced by the injured married party and their loved ones. They take all necessary steps to stop such abuse in the least possible time in the most discreet manner possible. We also offer consulting and advisory services that guide people on the options available to them, including the legal path. Our materials are substantive due to them being based on actual facts that uncover the truth and bring justice to the injured party.