Pre/Post Employment Verification

We help businesses and non-commercial organisations run background checks on candidates they want to employ or on people already working in their organisation. Our solutions help our clients retain the right candidate who fits into their working culture.


There has been a considerable increase in the number of people willing to cheat to get the job of their choice. From lies on basic facts such as education, there have been more serious lies related to skills, professional expertise or work experience. In most cases, such dishonesty causes problems as the persons are assigned jobs they cannot complete with any amount of competence. Also, their lack of experience hampers them from learning a job quickly and becoming adept at it. This results in business losses as customers prefer to go to other vendors who can deliver the service. Additionally, news of such incompetence and the loss of customers become common knowledge in the industry and the organisation suffers a serious loss of goodwill. This may, if no action is initiated to stop it, result in continued losses and the closure of the business.


Our pre-employment checks help organisations avoid such situations. We provide various services such as scrutinising people's backgrounds, cross-checking information given on education and previous jobs with verifiable sources such as educational institutes or previous employers. We also examine whether the individual actually performed the responsibilities that they said were assigned to them. Our services help find out the truth and determine whether the person was actually telling the truth in their resume or in interviews. Our results help companies select the right candidate from the entire lot. In certain cases, enterprises want to hire individuals with specific qualities. We also help such customers find if the shortlisted personnel qualify for those exact parameters.


In certain instances, a company may have to put in new rules for workers to continue working in the company. This may stem from a takeover where the new owners' policies are applied or when the business decides to change its internal procedures. In all such situations, employees who have been working there for some time may choose to falsify their information to continue working in their current positions. In other cases, the company may suspect an employee of engaging in anti-business activities that would harm the organisation in one way or another. This may include selling proprietary data to competitors or giving away the company's trade secrets or intellectual property details to outside parties.


All such facts need to be proven before the management can confront the employees and remove them from their posts. Also, in serious cases of ethical breach, legal action may need to be initiated against such individuals. We offer various services that help track and establish if the persons have done anything against company policy and management guidelines or against the law. Our investigation services such as shadowing, recording and documenting conversations, undercover work etc. help our clients catch the culprit and if proven guilty, remove them from their jobs. All our findings are reported to our customers and they are handed over all documented evidence which may be used by them in a court to initiate disciplinary action against the ex-employees.