Activity Observation Services

We conduct 24x7 Activity Observation services for our customers using the latest technology.


Our observation and monitoring services are required in most of our investigations. We employ this method to check backgrounds of individuals and their daily interactions with people around them, to observe seemingly innocuous events that may cover a crime taking place or record daily activities around a place under observation. All footages are kept for posterity and shared with the client. We also summarise our hours of data into a few minutes that shows the occurring of the actual event. We make sure that our strict record keeping meets the specified guidelines of police and other security agencies and can be produced as evidence in court.


We choose the Activity Observation techniques according to the specific requirements of a case. Most of our tracking is done manually by our team of investigators who do a detailed study of the area as well as the person being watched before starting the observation process. They use the most modern instruments in photography, audio and video capturing to record the subject’s movements and conversations as they happen. If needed, we also use automated processes such as placing motion sensor cameras or recording devices to get hold of the event as it occurs. We also use GPS tracking devices to monitor movements of vehicles under observation. This is especially helpful in locations with less vehicular traffic where our automobiles may be spotted and negate our efforts. The use of latest technologies and products allows us to cover a larger number of places with maximum effect.


We use our pool of skilled and experienced detectives to rotate between different times of the day, so as not to arouse suspicion. This also allows us to get different perspectives from each of our agent teams, giving us a more comprehensive interpretation of the event under study. Direct techniques such as enquiring of neighbours or interviewing acquaintances are generally done in a manner that does not raise any alarm and warn the people under scrutiny. Our expertise allows us to get the essential information far more quickly than what is otherwise possible. Thereafter, we are able to connect the dots and present our observations and detections to our customers for further action from their side. Our expertise in undertaking unparalleled monitoring has allowed us to successfully solve over 10,000 cases.