Theft & Pilferage Investigation

We help investigate cases of theft that have adversely affected the financial well-being and mental peace of our customers. Our solutions help track, locate and capture the thieves and recover the stolen possessions.


Though not as common as before due to the vigilance of police forces, news of theft appear in newspapers and media channels every now and then. There are stories of houses being robbed when the occupants were away or when they were sleeping. Most of the time, the miscreant gets away and the goods stolen are not recovered. In instances, where the criminals get caught, the items stolen are not recovered as they have already been disposed off by that time. Nonetheless, it is essential that such people are caught and brought to justice.


We provide various services to capture such persons and sentence them in court including:

Crime scene investigations: We check the crime scene for any material clues that would provide an insight into who committed the act and how

Forensic examination: Undertake detailed chemical analysis of the place where the theft took place including checking for fingerprints, finding material evidence such as soil samples and studying places where the thieves touched such as walls, doors or windows

Questioning family, staff and acquaintances: Ask members of the family and their staff or other material witnesses pertinent questions related to the crime. We check their alibis and elicit information on their acquaintances besides cross-examining them also. Once the suspects are identified, we also discreetly check their neighbourhood for any facts about them that would provide more clarity into the matter

Observation: Conduct Activity Observation of the suspects and their daily activities. We record all such details that are deemed important or look suspicious. We also check on insiders as it has been noted that most cases of theft occur with the connivance of insiders. The thieves generally have a proper understanding of the house from such persons. We help identify such people who have provided the information that led to the crime

Recording and documentation: Include taking photographs and recording of relevant conversations between the suspects or other parties

Background checks: We check the background of all people involved in the crime from family members, staff and their acquaintances. This provides a very important idea of who might have helped the criminals. Once the suspects are identified, we also screen them for previous crimes or convictions, including checking their place of employment

Legal evidence gathering: We collect all facts and details that can be used in court to convict the thieves. Our detectives are expert in ensuring that all data is tamper-proof and does not get disqualified in court on any technicality

Liaison with police and security officials: Inform officials of the status of our sleuthing including identification of suspects and items stolen. We help catch the culprits and recover the stolen items to the extent possible


We have extensive experience in finding and nabbing thieves and recovering stolen items. We suggest our clients to contact us as soon as possible after the theft as it is easier to catch the culprits soon after a crime occurs than after some time has elapsed. Our detectives are located in all major cities in India and this allows us to quickly coordinate between our team members and catch the criminals quickly.